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Professional Hair Care Brand

Successfully navigating regulatory challenges can be tricky. When this global hair care/ hair color brand was faced with looming color compliance issues, timing was tight and stakes were high. In a very compressed timeframe, we were able to reconcept, formulate and support the brand’s marketing group in shifting gears. Happily, the new line has become one of the brand’s most successful lines to date.

Formulation & Reformulation

In less than 10 months, a new line was created that not only complied with regulatory standards, but offered marked performance improvements over its predecessor. Market tests confirmed hair felt softer, more conditioned and feeling stronger use-over-use. It even outperformed the market leader, wooing and converting diehard fans of the competitor into new customers for our client, and helping to boost their overall color business with double digit growth.

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Product Evaluation

Hairdressers speak their own unique language! We worked closely with trained evaluators throughout the testing process as they tested the prototype hair color on live guests. We reviewed results before and after for performance and end result. This hands-on approach and collaboration allowed for concise redirects on future submissions, targeting performance to the exact specs of the stylists.


From pilots to scaled up production, we managed the complete manufacturing process. We ensured the product (and all of its shade variations) could be produced correctly and consistently. We established procedures and protocols for handling the color, refining and tightening the specifications over time from key learnings. This helped to increase confidence in both the product and production, and we continued monitoring as production continued.

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