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When a well-respected ingredient supplier expands their portfolio with ground-breaking innovation in hair color, we are thrilled to help them navigate the process.


A frequent collaborator, this established ingredient manufacturer has been focusing on standout innovation and expanding their portfolio to include functional ingredients for hair color. Simply Formulas worked with them to optimize their new material in various oxidative hair color preparations and troubleshoot solubility challenges in these systems.

Simply Formulas Ingredient Supplier Troubleshooting
Incognito Ingredient Supplier

Strategic Development

Simply Formulas worked closely with the manufacturer to co-R&D the application of this new raw material in various hair color formulations. This involved thinking through the application, product performance, usage instructions, and impact on hair color. With a smart and viable concept that’s scientifically proven to outperform competitors, the manufacturer is primed to grow the visibility of the raw material and reach a new (and colorful) market.

Product Positioning

We outlined the current hair color competitor space to help define the product positioning for their new raw material. This process helped identify strengths and weaknesses to create a superior product to improve the health of hair.

Simply Formulas Ingredient Supplier Product Positioning

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