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Infant Care Brand

An established children’s brand needed a new formulation partner for their expansion into infant care. The project had many restrictions, which engages us in something we live for - a challenge.


Parents want nothing more than the best for their children, and this new line for infants had to deliver with stellar performance, and the highest degree of safety. Our team navigated several formulation restrictions, including being just 10 ingredients or less (including water). All ingredients also had to have EWG scores of 1-2, be sourced within the United States, and contain no numbers in the name. We used our vast knowledge of ingredient sourcing and chemistry to achieve this.

Incognito Infant Brand
Simply Formulas Infant Care Brand Regulatory


Regulations never stop changing, which is why we provide ongoing support so this infant brand can have confidence in the fact that their products are safer than ever. We also monitor consumer feedback and trends so we can make recommendations to the brand’s leadership team on how the formulas should continue to evolve to remain clean in the consumer’s eyes. Next up for this brand? We tackle the infant microbiome, a much-discussed topic in children’s products and opportunity for certification.

Ongoing Consulting

We’re proud to be an ongoing resource for this thriving brand, as they grow and respond to customer demand. Helping them to navigate customer service questions that come in through their website and social media platforms is just part of what we do. We also help them make sense of partnership agreements on both the supply chain and retail side of their business, providing added value as a trusted resource for their brand, ongoing.

Simply Formulas Infant Care Brand Ongoing Consulting

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